Clothing/linens for residential social care facilities

Washing and rentals of clothing/linens for residential social care facilities

Washing and rentals of clothing/linens for residential social care facilities is a modern, flexible and effective service that saves you work with laundry.

We offer clothing/linens in an exchange system, i.e. the clothing is not assigned to a specific user (department or person) but is put back into circulation after being washed.

How does the service for social care facilities work?

You can order clothing/linens in the required amount and assortment using the electronic ordering system we provide to you. The clothing/linens are delivered to the contracted location the day after it is ordered in mobile containers with a textile cover. After removing the clean laundry, simply close the shelf to create space for bags with used laundry. Our employee collects the containers with used laundry the following pick-up day for delivery to the laundry facility, where the clothing is again prepared for shipping.

All work is performed in accordance with hygiene and handling demands on clothing/linens in the healthcare industry.

Professionally trained CHRIŠTOF employees will provide you expert consulting before and during the entire service and will help you make the optimal choice of comprehensive service.

The advantages of comprehensive service:

  1. You no longer need to worry about buying linens,
  2. You needn’t keep inventory records, resulting in wage and operational savings,
  3. No need to supplement linen inventory, eliminating the constant need to search for reliable suppliers,
  4. You can order clothing simply at any time by means of electronic orders
  5. Clothing is loaned on the basis of your current needs – you pay only for what you actually use
  6. You needn’t maintain stocks of clothing for crisis situations and seasonal fluctuations,
  7. You needn’t worry about arranging the delivery of soiled clothing to the laundry facility and the return of clean clothing,
  8. No need to employee a seamstress to mend linens,
  9. Set limits on clothing/linens to maintain expenses at a stable level
  10. You obtain a clear breakdown of costs into individual workplaces, including statistical statements

What assortment do we offer?



coloured pillows and blankets, fitted sheets, bed pads, towels incontinence pads, chair pads


pyjamas, nightshirts, gowns, bathrobes bibs for adults


solid colour clothing – white, green and yellow clothing with a white foundation and coloured features – blue, green, yellow, violet shirts, collared shirts, pants (women’s, men’s), cloaks skirts, shorts, dresses


The clothing of these non-healthcare profession is marked with the name of the employee, and each individual is provided with a certain number of sets that are sent out for cleaning as needed. We also provide clothing for other non-healthcare professions such as maintenance, cleaning, kitchen and gardening staff