Clients’ clothing

Washing clients’ clothing

Washing clients’ clothing consists in processing (washing) our clients' personal clothing. We pick up, wash, sort and return the clothing of clients of your facility. 


Clothing identification and how the service works.

Each resident is provided with several fabric bags for collecting used clothing. We mark all client laundry (including the bags with used clothing) with an identification label with information on the client (name of home and client) and a special barcode that is scanned into software records upon the receipt of individual pieces of clothing at the laundry facility. After the clothes are washed, they are sorted, folded and sealed in plastic film with a clear delivery note and returned to the client.

Our professionally trained employees will provide you expert consulting before and during the entire service.


  1. The simplification of work with clothing/linens owned by individual clients;
  2. We save your staff time they would otherwise spend marking, collecting, sorting and distributing clothing/linens, while also providing great convenience to the actual clients
  3. We provide each client a special cloth bag for their used clothing/linens;
  4. We mark each piece of clothing/linens with a special identification label with the name of the facility, client, building, department, etc.;
  5. We process the clothing/linens and sort them for each individual client;
  6. We create a separate package for each client sealed with plastic film and a clear description of clothing/linens in the package;
  7. We deliver individual packages with clothing/linens in transport cages to the location specified by the client;
  8. The shelves of the transport cages flip down easily to created space for the subsequent collection of laundry;
  9. We offer clients the possibility to receive clear electronic reports with detailed information on the use of the service.

Laundry service:


We offer the service of washing clothing owned by the customer to clients in healthcare, social services, the hotel industry, wellness and large organisations.

We wash clothing/linens at large laundry facilities in compliance with certificates held by CHRIŠTOF and which the company successfully updates at regular intervals.

If you are interested in our services, we will be pleased to meet with you in person to put together a price list for the conditions under which the services are to be provided.