Hotel linens

Washing and rental of hotel linens

We offer washing and rentals of hotel linens in an exchange system. The exchange system means that the clothing is not assigned to a specific client, but after being washed is put back into circulation. 

The principle of the system is the rental of hotel linens owned by CHRIŠTOF and the subsequent service, which includes washing, ironing, transport, minor mending and the automatic replacement of worn linens for new ones. We loan the linens to you, deliver them to the specified location, pick them up after they are used, process (wash and iron them) and prepare the linens for further shipping. 

All processing and shipping is performed in compliance with hygiene requirements for handling linens and certificates, which our company regularly renews, including the RABC certificate (ČSN EN 14065:2003), which also meets the strict conditions of the IFS standard for food operations.

Professionally trained CHRIŠTOF employees will provide you expert consulting before and during the entire service and will help you make the optimal choice of comprehensive service for effective cash flow.


  1. You no longer need to worry about buying linens;
  2. You needn’t keep inventory records, resulting in wage and operational savings
  3. No need to supplement linen inventory, eliminating the constant need to search for reliable suppliers;
  4. You can order linens simply at any time by means of electronic orders;
  5. Linens are loaned on the basis of your current needs – you pay only for what you actually use;
  6. You needn’t maintain stocks of linens for crisis situations and seasonal fluctuations;
  7. You needn’t worry about arranging the delivery of soiled linens to the laundry facility and the return of clean linens;
  8. The transport of clean and used linens is performed by our staff;
  9. No need to employee a seamstress to mend linens;
  10. Set limits on linens to maintain expenses at a stable level;
  11. You obtain a clear breakdown of costs into individual workplaces, including statistical statements.

We offer the washing and rental of hotel linens in two variants:




Linens are delivered on the basis of orders placed by the client and correspond to their current needs. The hotel has nearly no stocks of linens and can work with the amounts it requires at the given moment. The client orders linens based on their occupancy rate.

Advantages of the ordering system:

  • The possibility to respond operationally to changing quantity requirements resulting from seasonal fluctuations or one-time events (celebrations, banquets, etc.);
  • Savings on wages and operational expenses on stockroom employees and storage spaces;
  • Financial savings when hotel occupancy rates drop.



This method of using our comprehensive services and rentals is advantageous for clients who are not limited by the size of storages space and can use it to store linens. After initiating the service, the client receives all the linens in the quantity they require for full operation of their facility, even at their busiest time. CHRIŠTOF then picks up and washes linens, which are subsequently returned to the client in the same amount and assortment.

What assortment do we offer?



sheets in various sizes pillow covers and smooth blankets, including those with a 3 mm atlas stripe


tablecloths in various sizes, placemats, napkins


terry cloth towels, terry cloth hand towels, terry cloth mats, velour bathrobes


wellness sheets, terry cloth towels, terry cloth hand towels, velour bathrobes